Moreo smiled. “As you say.” He spoke the Common Tongue fluently, with only the slightest hint of a Tyroshi accent. He been plying the narrow sea for thirty years, he’d told her, as oarman, quartermaster, and finally captain of his own trading galleys. The Storm Dancer was his fourth ship, and his fastest, a two-masted galley of sixty oars.
— Captain Moreo Tumitis to Catelyn Stark, A Game of Thrones

Tyrosh, an island city of the East, is one of nine independent city-states collectively called The Free Cities. It is situated on an island off the coast of the Disputed Lands, north of Lys and west of Myr at the mouth of the Sea of Myrth, and is part of an archipelago called The Stepstones spanning the distance between Dorne to the West and the Disputed Lands to the East.

Though known for their avarice, the Tyroshi are also famed for their wonderful and terrible creations. For example, their blacksmiths are known to craft ornate helmets shaped like birds or animals, while crueller inventors design devices for torture. Tyroshi men dye their beards brightly and wear them forked; a few style their moustaches into points, which they then dye. Blue eyes are common in Tyrosh.

The Tyroshi (like all Free Cities) speak Free Cities Valyrian, a bastardized dialect evolved from a corrupted form of Valyrian, which was primarily used for trade. Tyrosh is ruled over by the Archon

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