The Westerlands

Casterly rock song of ice and fire
West of the Trident and north of the Reach is a region known as the Westerlands, a rocky land of miners and fishermen. The Westerlands are rich in coin, thanks to the many gold mines that dot the surrounding hills and mountains. Additionally, the coastal fisheries and large tracts of grazing land keep the region well fed. The Lannisters of Casterly Rock are the unrivaled rulers of this precious hill country. Through their ruthless actions and the devotion of their enforcers, such as House Clegane, House Lannister has seen every family in the region bend the knee to their lord, Tywin Lannister.

The Westermen are descended from Andal adventurers, who built a kingdom upon the goldmines of Casterly Rock. Lannisport, lying hard by Casterly Rock, is the chief town of the region and one of the great ports and cities of Westeros. Bastards born in the Westerlands are given the surname Hill.

Great House

Minor Houses
Brax, Broom, Clegane, Crakehall, Lefford, Lorch, Lydden, Marbrand, Payne, Prester, Serrett, Swyft, Westerling

Regional Benefits
All characters from the Westerlands gain the following benefits:

15% base for evaluate
20% base in bargain

Geography of Westeros

The Westerlands

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