The Stormlands

Legends say the Stormlands were born in a struggle against the gods themselves. Thousands of years of conquest, conflict with the elements, and war with the people of Dorne have given rise to a folk as stern and strong as the tempests that give these lands their name. The coastlands of the narrow sea are not renowned for their wealth or prosperity, but as a breeding ground of kings. Three lines of great kings have called the Stormlands home: the Storm Kings who arose in the Age of Heroes, the Targaryens who invaded Westeros from Dragonstone Isle, and the Baratheons who were last to lawfully hold the Iron Throne.

The Stormlands stretch from the waters of Blackwater Bay in the north to the Sea of Dorne in the south. They include the lands surrounding Shipbreaker Bay, and the far southern region of the Dornish Marches, ruled by House Caron and lesser marcher lords, which forms a troubled border with Dorne. The marches were common battlegrounds between the Stormlands, the Reach, and Dorne until the last century, when Dorne joined the Seven Kingdoms. Most of the inland regions of the Stormlands are covered in two great forests, the Kingswood and the Rainwood, while the coastlines consist of ragged snarls of rocks or sheer cliffs. Bastards born in the Stormlands are given the surname Storm.

Great House

Minor Houses (Sworn to Storm’s End)
Buckler, Cafferen, Caron, Connington, Dondarrion, Errol, Estermont, Grandison, Hasty, Horpe, Lonmouth, Morrigen, Penrose, Seaworth, Selmy, Swann, Tarth, Trant, Wensington, Wylde

Regional Benefits
All characters from the Stormlands gain the following benefits:

35% base for listen
35% base for scan

Geography of Westeros

The Stormlands

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