The Riverlands

The Riverlands are the heart of the Seven Kingdoms lying amid the three forks of the river Trident. Within its borders are some of the most storied and significant castles in Westeros. House Tully flies its red and blue banners above the castle at Riverrun, while their bannermen, the Freys, guard the river crossing where the Green Fork flows from the swamps of the Neck. The people of the Trident and Gods Eye bridge the Seven Kingdoms, both with their waterways and their political alliances to both the North and the South. Bastards born in the Riverlands are given the surname Rivers.

The Riverlands have had a turbulent history after the fall of the old Riverkings at the hands of the other southern kingdoms and were ruled by each of them at one time or another. Presently, the Riverlands are ruled by House Tully of Riverrun. At the time of Aegon’s War of Conquest, the Riverlands were ruled by House Hoare of the Iron Islands; the Tullys were never kings of the Riverlands, but were rebel riverlords who left Harren the Black in favor of Aegon the Conqueror.

“We’re all just songs in the end. If we are lucky.”

— Catelyn Stark

Great House

Minor Houses
Blackwood*, Bracken, Darry, Frey, Haigh, Mallister, Paege, Piper, Ryger, Smallwood, Vance, Whent

Regional Benefits
All characters from the Reach gain the following benefits:

25% base for swim
15% base for boat

Geography of Westeros

The Riverlands

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