The Reach

The Reach is a beautiful region of lush fields and vibrant flower gardens. Its boundaries stretch from the Blackwater Rush in the north to Oldtown in the south, and from the Dornish Marches in the east to the shores of the Sunset Sea. These lands are the heart of chivalric tradition in the Seven Kingdoms – Knights, tourneys, and romance overflow the cups of the people of the Reach – and many of the greatest knights come from the House of Tyrell, or their bannerhouses. The fields of golden roses near Highgarden and their elaborate traditions hide a proud and vain people, however, and the ruling house of Tyrell is one of the most ruthless and conniving of all that play the game of thrones.

It was not always this way. The Tyrells were once only stewards of the royal house of the Reach, the Gardeners. When the Gardeners were destroyed on the Field of Fire, Aegon the Conqueror raised the Tyrells to supremacy … but some say the Florents or the Hightowers would have had a better claim. Bannermen of the Tyrells frequently fight with the Dornishmen of the south. The borderlands between the two regions, called the Dornish Marches, are populated on the north side by marcher lords loyal to the Tyrells.

The most prominent city in the Reach is Oldtown. It is the oldest city in Westeros, home to The Citadel and the previous seat of the Faith of the Seven. Bastards born in the Reach are given the surname Flowers.

“The Tyrells were no more than stewards until Aegon the Dragon came along and cooked the rightful King of the Reach on the Field of Fire.”

— Lady Olenna Tyrell

Great House

Minor Houses
Ashford, Beesbury, Caswell, Costayne, Crane, Florent, Fossoway*, Hewett, Hightower, Inchfield, Mullendore, Oakheart, Peake, Redwyne, Rowan, Serry, Tarly, Wythers

Regional Benefits
All characters from the Reach gain the following benefits:

15% base for ride
15% base for etiquette

Geography of Westeros

The Reach

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