The Faith Militant

The Faith Militant is the militant wing of the Faith of the Seven consisting of armed holy men who pledge themselves to fight injustice and the enemies of the Faith. The two orders of the Faith Militant are the Warrior’s Sons and the Poor Fellows. Together they are often called the Sword and Stars. Historically, the orders made trouble for the nobles and royalty of the Seven Kingdoms. King Maegor ultimately disbanded the orders and forbade holy men from ever taking up arms again.

The Warrior’s Sons are an order of knights who have renounced their lands and possessions to fight for the Seven. They wear inlaid silver armor over hair shirts, rainbow cloaks, and swords with star-shaped crystals in their pommels. They developed a reputation for fanaticism and implacable hatred for enemies of the Faith. They are the “sword” of the Sword and Stars.

The Poor Fellows are a more humble order for commoners and even women. Acting as a militant counterpart to begging brothers, Poor Fellows wander the realm and escort pilgrims between septs. They carry whatever weapons they can make or find, often axes or cudgels, and wear star badges, red on white. They are the “stars” of the Sword and Stars.

In the aftermath of the War of the Five Kings, religious fervor in the Seven Kingdoms saw an increase. Many pilgrims and refugees, often called “sparrows”, took up the badges and arms of Poor Fellows to protect themselves and other homeless victims of the war. Groups of Poor Fellows took to guarding the Great Sept of Baelor and serving particularly pious nobles. Though common-born, the Poor Fellows showed no respect for secular rank or social position. During her reign as Queen Regent, Cersei Lannister officially reinstated both orders of the Faith Militant as a concession to the new High Septon. Many knights, including Cersei’s own cousin Lancel Lannister, joined the reformed Warrior’s Sons in the aftermath.

The Faith Militant

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