Raiders live on the fringes of Westerosi society — sometimes self-styled lords, other times wildmen, but always dangerous to the houses that control the Seven Kingdoms. Raiders rarely holds any allegiances beyond those they forge with blood and iron. Raiders bend their knees only grudgingly, and even then, their loyalty is born more of fear than fealty, respect rather than chivalric pact. They are considered unlawful savages by most of the Seven Kingdoms, but both lords and smallfolk privately fear the havoc a Raider incursion can play on the lands.

Raiders were born into adventure, and they live it until they die — from pillaging the outlying lands of minor bannermen to raising armies in rebellion against a king they do not support. Raiders cannot bear the mundane activities of civilized society, making poor guards and even worse citizens. They would rather be on the move, fighting against those who have offended them in some way or seeking adventure for its own sake.

Raiders are wild fighters who tear into their opponents with reckless abandon, trading their own safety for the thrill of causing havoc in the ranks of the enemy. They are not always straightforward in their tactics, however, often preferring to approach unseen and stealthily kill those who stand in the way of their goals. They are often forced to do with makeshift or improvised weapons. Some prefer to take to the seas as a means of unexpected attack and quick escape, while others are masters of the mountains, forests, or plains, respectively.

Raiders live on the edges of society, neither peasant nor noble, but somewhere in between. They are often poor, relying on their own senses and prowess to make their way in the world, but occasionally Raiders will be shunned former nobles or successful pirates with a wealth of gold and resources from which to draw. The latter often declare themselves kings of the outlands, and sometimes must be put down by lords or the king before their hubris rages out of control. Many Raiders find themselves on the run, or at the very least wanted by the crown for their crimes.

Most Raiders live outside of normal society and do not take part in the noble games that are the purview of the great houses of the Seven Kingdoms. Occasionally, a noble house will find itself driven away or shunned for some reason, becoming known as a haven for pirates and bastards. More often than not, however, Raiders are simple outlaws and wilderness warriors living on the fringes of Westeros.

Dothraki Raiders
In addition to the wildings, mountain men, and ironborn, the Dothraki are also exemplar of the Raider Class. Most Dothraki male warriors should take the Raider Class, and emphasize abilities that focus on the plains and riding. The horsemen of the Dothraki Sea follow this style — lightly armoured warriors able to strike and disappear — much more closely than that of the heavily armed and armoured Men-at-arms.


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