There were great elk in that wood, and spotted tigers, and lemurs with silver fur and huge purple eyes, but all fl ed before the approach of the khalasar and Dany got no glimpse of them.
— A Game of Thrones

Qohor, a city of the East, is one of nine independent city-states collectively called The Free Cities. Qohor lies near a forest of the same name that is filled with golden leafed trees, the trunks of which are the size of city gates. The wood of those trees is highly prized by craftsmen throughout the Free Cities.

Additionally, the blacksmiths of Qohor are quite renowned. Not only do they cultivate the art of working dyes directly into the metals they forge, but some of their smiths are even capable of reforging Valyrian steel. Many people of Qohor worship a god known as the Black Goat.

Free Cities


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