Pyke is both the name of an island and the castle that rules it. It is the seat of House Greyjoy. Once a single headland that thrust out into the sea in the shape of a sword, weather has taken its toll on Pyke over thousands of years and broken the castle apart, leaving three towering outcroppings of grey-black rock and a number of smaller stacks. These rocky outcroppings are covered with patches of dark green lichen, giving the sea its greenish color, and speckled with the droppings of sea birds. The broken spires of rock make the sea treacherous around Pyke allowing no safe anchorage for boats or ships.

Built from the stone are three connected keeps: the Great Keep, the Bloody Keep and the Kitchen Keep. Towers and outbuildings cling to the stacks beyond them, linked to one another by short covered archways and long walks of wood and rope. At the tip of the island sword, where it thrusts into the sea, rests the Sea Tower. These buildings have weathered until it seems that they grow out of the rock itself.

The Walls of Pyke
On the largest island, a long crescent shaped wall between two cliffs closes off the headland near the foot of the great stone bridge that leads to the Great Keep. A central gatehouse breaks the wall with three square towers to either side; the southern most tower remains collapsed since the breach by Robert Baratheon’s forces. Beyond the gatehouse lie stables, kennels, pens (for sheep and swine) and outbuildings on half a hundred acres of headland, but the wall is dominated by the Great Keep. At the far end of the island beyond the walls of Pyke lies the town of Lordsport.

The Great Keep
The Hall of Greyjoys, or Great Keep, is a large keep with a long smoky central hall, capable of sitting 400 men. It also houses the Seastone Chair, the throne of the Iron Islands. The Seastone Chair is carved to resemble a Kraken and is made of black oily stone; it rests on a dais in the great hall. It is said that the Seastone Chair was found on the shore of Old Wyk when the First Men first landed on the Iron Islands thousands of years ago. Feasts are generally meagre where plain fare of salted fish and fish stews, unspiced goat, and black bread are served.

The Bloody Keep
Named for the bloody deaths of the sons of an old River King a thousand years ago, the Bloody Keep is perhaps the most well furnished and comfortable of the keeps. A stone bridge connects the Bloody Keep to the Great Keep.

The Sea Tower
The Sea Tower is the most ancient of the buildings on Pyke. Tall and round, its salt-encrusted outer walls are white from centuries of sea spray and jagged crown blackened with the soot from the nightly watchfire. A series of three bridges connects it to the Great Keep: each bridge is progressively more narrow, and the final bridge is made of rope and wood. It is damp and draughty, but it is the home of the lord of Pyke. The Sea Tower also houses a small solar. The door into the Sea Tower is of grey wood, studded with iron.

Atop the Flint Cliffs is the Blind Lord’s tower, said to be haunted.

Iron Islands


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