Knaves live in the shadows, whether in the back alleys of King’s Landing or deeply hidden within a lord’s retinue. They steal what they can to survive, be it gold, horses, or information. Some use stealth to their advantage, while others use strength and intimidation to take what they want from the weak and cowardly. Knaves are resourceful and adaptable, always seeming to have the skills necessary to get them out of any situation.

Knaves most often take up the life of adventure in order to better scrounge a living. Sometimes angry victims or a clever patrol of the watch will drive a Knave from an area. Some go in search of larger and larger rewards for their larceny, while others simply grow bored with their surroundings and seek a change.

Knaves are highly skilled, and may follow many different tracks in their life. Some develop their stealth skills to the point where they can slip into and out of almost any building completely undetected. Others focus on social skills, using their network of contacts, intimidation, and charm to trade up for better things. Some rogues infiltrate the lives of others, acting the friend while all the while undermining and stealing from their marks.

Knaves come from all walks of life, but are most prevalent among the smallfolk, many of whom have nothing to lose by turning away from the law. They may have grown up in the dirtiest slums of cities and towns, scratching out a living by thieving and catching rats or pigeons for their suppers. Some Knaves are born into high families, however, and simply ply their trade out of boredom or spite. They may seduce the children of nobles or steal from their own family to vex their lords.

As mentioned, sometimes the sons and daughters of nobles will turn to lawlessness as a way to rebel against their parents. No house, great or small, is immune to such treacheries, and often a noble finds the skills he or she can learn outside a maester’s study are far more valuable than those learned from the house tutors.


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