House Westerling

House Westerling is sworn to House Lannister. Their seat is The Crag. Their sigil is six white shells on a yellow field. The Westerlings are an old and well-regarded family, though their lands and incomes have dwindled over the years.

The fifteen-year old daughter of Lord Gawen Westerling and his wife, Lady Sybell. She is a slightly naive and mild-mannered girl, caught up in high politics and far-reaching schemes.

Jeyne met Robb Stark, King in the North, when he and his bannermen stayed at her father’s castle and recuperated from their wounds after a recent battle. During Robb’s convalescence, Jeyne comforted him, resulting in Robb’s deflowering her. As a result, he felt compelled out of honor to marry her, breaking his vow to marry a lady of House Frey. As the Westerlings were also bannermen of House Lannister, which was at war with House Stark, the Lannisters should have been inclined to consider Jeyne’s marriage as treason. During the time following the marriage and even before the Red Wedding, Lord Tywin Lannister seemed strangely unperturbed by the turn of events; indeed, Tywin was quick to pardon the Westerlings after the war was over, and even delivered marriages and rewards to them for their “treason”.

Jeyne seemed to be truly in love with Robb, but was often confused and bewildered by Robb’s moodiness and frustration. She once asked his mother, Catelyn, for advice, and then began to understand that his worries over the war were influencing his behavior. She was eager to become pregnant with his child, and was encouraged to do so by Catelyn.

When Jaime Lannister, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, met Jeyne and her mother at Riverrun, Jeyne appeared to be miserable at Robb’s death and furious with her mother for confiscating the crown Robb had made for her and for apparently preventing her from conceiving. Jeyne was last seen riding away with a Lannister company who had tacit instructions to kill her should she be abducted, so she could not serve as a rallying point as Robb Stark’s widow. Although Sybell expressed some degree of satisfaction over Robb’s murder, a defiant Jeyne ripped her robes as a sign of open mourning.

Lady of the House. Mother to Jeyne. Born to House Spicer, and the granddaughter of a maegi (which translates as wise woman and colloquially in the east refers to a blood witch. Maegi has a very bad connotation, at least to Dothraki). As a result of this background, she was reputed to have knowledge of herbology and medicines, and regarded as ambitious and scheming.

After the marriage of her daughter to King Robb Stark, Sybell conspired to prevent the conception of an heir. Lady Sybell confirmed to Jaime Lannister that she was directed by Tywin to ensure that Jeyne didn’t conceive a possible Stark heir, strongly suggesting that her potions were contraceptive in nature and not intended to augment fertility. Her actions proved fortuitous as Jaime pardoned the family at his father’s direction.

House Westerling

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