House Umber

Beyond the Last River, the Umbers of Last Hearth rule a vast and wild domain. The Umbers have a history of both ferocity in battle and loyalty to the Starks.

An ancient line of the First Men, the roaring giant of the Umbers has long flown beside the Stark direwolf. The Umbers stood with the host that defeated Gendel and Gorne, the brother Kings-beyond-the-Wall, some 3,000 years ago.

More recently, Jon Umber — called the Greatjon — fought for House Stark and gained a reputation as one of strongest and most fearless men in the realm.

House Personality
Large, loud, fiery, and unsophisticated, the Umbers are the kind of men who love battle, mead, and a warm woman on a cold night. They are as fierce in their feuds as they are in their loyalties. Their wildness and huge appetites can cause trouble; many have earned unsavoury reputations. Hother Umber, the Greatjon’s uncle, is known as Whoresbane. Hother’s brother, Mors Crowfood, bit the head off the crow that took his eye.

True to its name, Last Hearth is the last noble seat before one reaches the Gift and the Wall beyond. The castle rules a great forested domain, from the kingsroad to the Bay of Seals. The Umbers can raise a levy of some 2,000 men, or more if they are willing to risk their harvests.

House Position
As sworn bannermen to Winterfell, their duty is to support Lord Stark in war and in peace. Lord Umber’s uncles, Mors and Hother, rule the Last Hearth in his stead as joint castellans.

Besides winning renown in battle, the Umbers are concerned with the threat the wildlings beyond the Wall can pose. Wildlings sometimes use boats to slip past the Wall, causing trouble for the Umbers and other lords of the far North. Their zeal to go to war must be balanced with concern for their own lands and smallfolk.


House Destiny
The Greatjon brings his swords to Winterfell at Robb Stark’s call, only to threaten to take them home if he is placed behind the Cerwyns or Hornwoods in the order of march. Drawing his greatsword in anger at Robb’s threatening response, the Greatjon breaks all the laws of hospitality and pays for it by losing two fingers to the direwolf, Grey Wind. Unlike most men, however, Lord Umber laughs at his wounds and becomes the staunchest and loudest of Robb’s supporters. After seeing Robb’s mettle in battle, the Greatjon is the first man to shout for Robb to claim the title of King in the North.

Prominent Members
Lord Jon Umber, known as the Greatjon for his massive size and strength; his heir, Jon Umber, called the Smalljon for he stands an inch or two shorter than his father, is one of Robb’s battle companions; Lord Jon’s uncles are Hother Whoresbane and Mors Crowfood.

House Traits
FEATS: Blood of the First Men; Giant’s Blood; Stubborn; Tradesman; Unchained Giant
SOCIAL STATUS: Rank 3 (Member of a Minor House)

House Umber

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