House Tarly

A house sworn to House Tyrell. Their seat is Horn Hill. Their sigil is the striding huntsman.

Randyll Tarly
Lord of House Tarly; Randyll is married to Melessa Florent. Famed battle commander and wielder of Heartsbane, a Valyrian greatsword. He led an army that inflicted the only defeat on the rebellious forces of Robert Baratheon at the Battle of Ashford. A martinet, he was disappointed in his gentle, timid firstborn son and did not want Samwell for his heir. When a younger son, Dickon, was born, Lord Tarly forced Samwell to join the Night’s Watch.

Samwell Tarly
Samwell Tarly (a POV character) is the elder son of Lord Randyll Tarly. Fat, timid, and unsure of himself, he is nonetheless intelligent and thoughtful. He is a Brother of the Night’s Watch.

Initially bullied by the other recruits and taunted by the trainer, Ser Alliser Thorne, for his cowardice, Sam was then befriended by Jon Snow, who was instrumental in having Sam made Maester Aemon’s steward. While beyond The Wall with the Lord Commander Mormont, Sam slew an Other, discovering their susceptibility to dragonglass, for which he was nicknamed “Sam the Slayer.”

He was instrumental in the selection of Jon Snow as the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, cleverly manipulating the other candidates for the Lord Commander’s post so that they all supported Jon Snow against Janos Slynt. At Jon’s command, Sam traveled to the Citadel, with Maester Aemon and the wildling Gilly, to train as a maester. At sea, he began a relationship with Gilly, but was ashamed as a brother of the Night’s Watch must never marry and have children. He planned to take Gilly and her son to his father’s seat at Horn Hill where she and the baby would be safe. At Maester Aemon’s command, he tried to get a maester sent to Daenerys Targaryen; upon hearing Sam’s tale, Archmaester Marwyn (derisively called the Mage by his peers) set off to find her. Sam agreed to stay at the Citadel and train to be a maester, after which he will return to the Wall.

House Tarly

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