House Royce

House Royce are bannermen to House Arryn. Their seat is located at Runestone. Their sigil is a shower of pebbles on an orange field. There are two branches of House Royce:

Royce of Runestone

Bronze YohnRenowned warrior and Lord of the House. He has a lined face, grey hair, and slate-grey eyes set beneath bushy eyebrows. Lord Yohn Royce is a close friend to his kin Eddard Stark, having dwelt in Winterfell for some times when his youngest son Ser Waymar Royce travelled to North to took up the black of Night’s Watch. Bronze Yohn was a member of the Lords Declarant, a group of Lords that had misgivings about the legitimacy of Petyr Baelish as Lord Protector of the Vale following Lysa Tully’s death and the only one who cannot somehow be neutralised.

RobarA younger son of Yohn Royce. Knight and member of the Rainbow Guard under King Renly, known as “Robar the Red”. Slain by Loras Tyrell in his grief and madness.

WaymarA younger son of Yohn Royce. Novice ranger of the Night’s Watch. Died at the hands of an Other when ranging for the Night’s Watch and became a Wight.

Royce of the Gates of the Moon

NestorFar cousin to Lord Yohn Royce, he belongs to the minor branch of the house. He was caretaker of the Gates of the Moon, an Arryn castle that is as famous as The Eyrie. In order to secure his loyalty, Lord Protector Petyr Baelish granted him ownership of the Gates after the War of the Five Kings. After becoming owner of the Gates of the Moon, Nestor designed a new banner for his branch of the family, consisting of a gate on an orange background. He has a son, his heir Ser Albar Royce, and a daughter, Myranda.

AlbarThe heir of Lord Nestor.

MyrandaThe only daughter of Lord Nestor, Myranda is a lively and vivacious young widow, who is said to be shrewd and much sharper than she appears.

House Royce

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