House Reed

A House sworn to House Stark. Their seat is at Greywater Watch. Their sigil is a lizard-lion on a dark green field.

Howland Reed
Howland Reed is the Lord of Greywater Watch and holds dominion over the crannogmen of the Neck. He is one of Eddard Stark’s closest friends.

It is likely that Howland Reed first met the Starks during the tournament at Harrenhall, when he was beset by rowdy squires and protected by Lyanna Stark, Lord Eddard’s sister. A mystery challenger dubbed The Knight of the Laughing Tree later entered the joust to defend his honor, though the knight’s true identity remains unknown, though Lyanna Stark is a suggested possibility. Howland fought alongside Eddard during the Usurper’s Rebellion, and accompanied Eddard’s group to the Tower of Joy to reclaim Eddard’s abducted sister Lyanna. Only he and Eddard survived, and Eddard once claimed that Howland Reed saved his life from Ser Arthur Dayne, which is shrouded in mystery. With Eddard’s death, Howland is the only remaining person to have witnessed the mysterious events that took place in the tower that day.

At the onset of the War of the Five Kings, Lord Howland sent his teenaged children, Jojen and Meera, to pledge the Reeds to Robb Stark as King of the North. His crannogmen have defended the Neck against invaders, from Lannisters to Ironmen. His children now guard the Stark heir.

Jojen Reed
Howland Reed’s younger child, Jojen is barely an adolescent when he arrives at Winterfell, but his gravity and mature personality make him seem older. He has unusually deep green eyes and wears green clothing.

Jojen has greensight, the power of prophetic dreams. Jojen knows a great number of arcane things that he gleans from his dreams, including the day of his death. He arrived at Winterfell along with his sister Meera to pledge the Reeds’ support to Winterfell and Robb after Eddard’s death. While at Winterfell, Jojen recognized Bran’s ability to enter his direwolf’s mind, and helped him gain the discipline to use the power properly. When he learned of Bran’s vision of a three-eyed crow, Jojen began urging Bran to travel north of the Wall to find the crow. After Theon took Winterfell, Jojen fled with Bran, Meera, and Hodor and passed through Wall into the lands beyond.

Meera Reed
Howland Reed’s daughter and oldest child. She is short and slim with long brown hair and green eyes. She is a skilled huntress.

Meera and Jojen met Bran Stark at the harvest feast at Winterfell. She accompanied Bran and Jojen when they flee Winterfell after the castle is seized by Theon Greyjoy.

House Reed

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