House Mallister

While Tywin Lannister may be named the Warden of the West, it is the Mallisters who have traditionally been the first line of defense against the region’s most persistent threat: the raiders of the Iron Islands. Although the last 100 years have seen a steady decline in the severity of that threat, the Mallisters always remember that their great castle at Seagard and the chain of watchtowers which line the Cape of Eagles are pointed west. Other Houses may stoop to squabble over lesser concerns, the Mallisters – as their motto reminds – will remain Above the Rest, keeping to the duty that truly matters.

During Robert’s Rebellion, the Mallisters were among the houses that declared for Robert, the Mallister army fighting at the decisive Battle of the Trident, where Lord Jason Mallister cut down three of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen’s bodyguards in winning Robert Baratheon his path to face the Prince himself.

The seat of House Mallister is Seagard, a stronghold along the shores of Ironman’s Bay. The Lord of Seagard is Jason Mallister, a hero of the Trident. His son and heir is a young squire named Patrek. Patrek’s uncle Denys, his father’s younger brother, is a member of the Night’s Watch. He also has a cousin named Trystan Mallister, who is a good 10 years his junior.

Banner Houses
House Terrick is a bannerhouse of the Mallisters.

To their Rivals
The Mallisters are an arrogant and self gratifying lot. They demand more honor and precedent than any other Riverland house, despite their diminished influence.

Ancient foes of the Iron Islanders, the Mallister stronghold of Seagard was built a millennium ago to defend against Ironborn reavers. A great tower in Seagard was added five hundred years ago and is used to sound a bell so great that it can be heard for miles. The Booming Tower has not been sounded in three centuries, reflecting the diminished threat of the Ironborn. Still, antagonism toward the Ironborn is a hallmark of the Mallisters who take their titles as Defender of the Western Shore, and First Guardian of the Riverlands very, very seriously.

House Mallister

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