House Harlaw

Sigil: A silver scythe on black.

House Harlaw is a sworn bannerhouse of House Greyjoy. Their seat is Ten Towers, named for the ten towers that crown it, each different from the next due to the long years it took to raise it and the changeable nature of the lords who oversaw its construction. Ruling over the richest and most populous of the Iron Islands, the Harlaws are a large clan ruled by Lord Rodrik Harlaw, known as the Reader for his scholarly interests. Lord Rodrik’s two sons were killed off Fair Isle during Greyjoy’s Rebellion. His sister, Lady Alannys, is the wife of Lord Balon Greyjoy and the mother of his children. Rodrik‚Äôs cousins hold a number of seats across the island. Harlaw is larger than the Four Shields combined.

The head of House Harlaw is styled Lord of the Ten Towers, Lord of Harlaw, and the Harlaw of Harlaw. The Harlaws have no rival on Harlaw. The Volmarks and Stonetrees have large holdings and many famed captains and warriors, but they bow before the Harlaw. The Myres and Kennings were once bitter foes of the Harlaws, but are now vassals. Among the Harlaw of Harlaws vassals are various cadet branches of the house, each ruling a seat. Among the seats are Harlaw Hall, the Tower of Glimmering sited on a crag above the western coast, Grey Garden, and Harridan Hill.

The Harlaws own a storied Valyrian steel sword, Nightfall.

House Harlaw

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