House Borrell

Strong in the Storm

A family of strong maritime traditions, House Borrell is well suited to its role as paramount house of the Three Sisters under House Arryn – although their position does not go unchallenged by the families Sunderland and Torrent. The death of Lord Godric Borrell has left the family domain of Sweetsister in the hands of his sixteen-year-old daughter Rhaenys, and his widowed wife, the House Velaryon-born Lady Nadya.

House Borrell has its origins in the oldest of Andal blood, though they were only a family of landed knights until the coming of the Targaryens. House Sunderland of the Three Sisters refused to bend the knee to Aegon and his sisters, and so most of its members were burnt to ash by Rhaenys Targaryen and her draconic mount. She then selected and raised House Borrell as their replacement.

Since then, the House has grown into their position and forged themselves into the most powerful of the Three Sisters’ families. Though they’ve never quite mastered their supposed command of the Houses Longthorpe and Torrent, their strength in comparison to them has prevented the pair from openly acting against them.

During Robert’s Rebellion, Lord Godric Borrell’s father answered Jon Arryn’s call to arms and proved himself a capable commander on land and sea. In the aftermath, Godric was married to Nadya of House Velaryon in the hopes of assuaging the pro-Targaryen sympathies around Dragonstone.

Sixteen years have passed since, and Godric is dead. Rhaenys Borrell is an intelligent, iron-willed beauty, but the otherwise peaceful life on Sweetsister has been disrupted by conflict at home. House Sunderland of old has been reborn, and consolidates its power with the help of Lord Torrent.

The Borrells rule over the island of Sweetsister from the castle haven of Breakwater – a romantic holdfast clinging to the coast and surf. The castle is situated at the mouth of a cove in a position to control the islands only docks capable of servicing full-sized ships.The town of Sisterton is also bound to them inland, a fortified market village of sturdy make. The castle, town and the road that connects them are the only truly safe areas of Sweetsister, as Sunderland pirates and thugs are becoming increasingly common.

House Borrell

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