Men and women dedicated to the Faith and the worship of the Seven, the septons, septas, brothers, and sisters bear witness to the births, deaths, and marriages of all who follow their teachings. Known collectively as the Godsworn, these dedicated men and women are the mortal representatives of the Seven, overseeing ceremonies that praise the gods and blessing their followers with their good graces. The Godsworn can be found all across the Seven Kingdoms — even in the North, where most still pray to the old gods in ancient godswoods rather than bow in the septs of the Seven. The Godsworn are teachers, priests, and midwives, often caring for the children of faithful lords and noblemen.

Adventuring Godsworn seek to spread the word of the Seven wherever they go, preaching to the poor and trying to win converts from among the downtrodden classes. They also try to aid others where they can, believing that their noble acts will improve
the reputation of the Seven and further spread their belief. Sometimes a septa will be commanded to set out on a task by those higher in her order, even by the High Septon himself.

The Godsworn let their faith guide them in all things, and the Seven reward them with good luck in their actions. They cultivate relationships with faithful nobles, merchants, and smallfolk, allowing them to call upon considerable resources in times of dire need. The Godsworn are also known for the aid and comfort they can give their allies in even the most dire of circumstances.

The ranks of the Godsworn are filled from all walks of life. This may be the only path available for smallfolk who wish to walk the halls of great castles and mingle with nobles and lords alike. Although all septons and septas are taught to read, they need not be educated in order to join the ranks.

The Godsworn are commonly found in the castles of noble houses that worship the Seven. Most of the houses of the North still worship the old gods, yet sometimes a septon or septa can be found in their castles due to conversion or marriage of the lord or lady.

The septons and septas are the most formally educated of those who devote themselves to the Seven. There are many other orders of brothers and sisters, such as the begging brothers, who roam the land and preach but who lack formal education. They may know some things by rote, but are not literate. There are orders of brothers and sisters specifically devoted to a particular aspect of the Seven, such as the Silent Sisters who represent the Stranger, but the septons and septas are devoted to all aspects of the Seven, equally.

The Godsworn Class represents septons and septas. There is a formalized system of vows, and various institutions where they receive training. Septons are like real world priests, while septas are more like female priests than simply sisters; they have more influence than nuns, in part because their theology recognizes three male aspects, three female aspects, and the sexless aspect in the Stranger.

Godsworn Duties
The Godsworn are trained septons and septas who have religious duties. They officiate ceremonies, oversee oaths, perform marriages, and those invested with enough authority can even release people from their oaths in special circumstances. Additionally, they often tutor and guide young nobles, pray over the sick, and officiate at trials (or at least add the Seven’s blessings to the king’s justice). Few of these are game effects, however, and these rites and services should be role-played rather than decided with dice.

Godsworn and Social Status
The Faith may be an attractive option for 3rd and 4th sons and daughters of nobility, as well as a way up for the smallfolk. Characters with no Social Status (Rank 0) who enter the Faith and say their vows as septons or septas should be raised to Social Status Rank 1 (5 Influence Points over the Faith, Wealth Rank 1). Conversely, characters such as begging brothers would retain Social Status Rank 0.

As the septon or septa rises through the ranks, his or her Social Status should increase, usually as a reward for service or an acknowledgment of duties. The High Septon has Social Status Rank 5.

Godsworn characters who hail from a noble house do not sever their House Affiliation when they enter the Faith (unlike maesters, brothers of the Night’s Watch, etc.). They do tend to lose some of their Influence Points over their house, however, as their religious duties take up more and more of their time. As a Godsworn character rises up the ranks, his or her house Influence Points should convert to Influence over the Faith.

The Godsworn act as teachers and priests to the sons and daughters of noble lords and smallfolk alike. They learn to read and write so that they may better learn and pass on the knowledge that their order has taught them. Consequently, all Godsworn characters gain the Literacy Feat at 1st Level.


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