The southernmost – and hottest – kingdom of Westeros, Dorne is a desert land of red mountains and warm winds. It stretches from the high mountains of the Dornish marches to the southern coast of the continent. Its princes rule from the mountains, the desert, and the sea, following 1,000 years of Rhoynish tradition and rule. Until Princess Nymeria and the Rhoynar crossed the sea, it was populated by the descendants of the Andals and First Men, who fought bloody wars all across its lands. Nymeria married into the Dornish nobility, and their family attained supremacy over the rest of Dorne.

The people of Dorne are fiercely independent, but loyal to their rulers; it was the only land to escape the wrath of Aegon the Conqueror and his dragons. Daeron I, the Young Dragon, eventually conquered Dorne, but was unable to hold it as the treachery of its lords soon led to rebellion and independence. Dorne ultimately won peace with the Targaryen kings through marriage and treaty rather than war. It was the last of the Seven Kingdoms to fall under Targaryen rule, over a century after the Targaryen invasion. This accomplishment has allowed Dorne to retain a small measure of independence to this day.

The Dornish are a fierce people with skin burned dark by the sun. They differ both culturally and ethnically from other Westerosi. Their food, appearance, and architecture resemble those of Mediterranean cultures. Bastards born in Dorne are given the surname Sand. Rhoynish blood still flows strong in this region, a result of the historical mass immigration of Rhoynish people. They have adopted many Rhoynish customs as well, including equal primogeniture. Lords of the ruling House Martell still style themselves “Prince” and “Princess” in the Rhoynish fashion.

“In Dorne of old before we married Daeron, it was said that all flowers bow before the sun. Should the roses seek to hinder me I’ll gladly trample them underfoot.”

— Oberyn Martell

Great House

Minor Houses
Allyrion, Blackmont, Dalt, Dayne, Fowler, Gargalen, Manwoody, Qorgyle, Santagar, Toland, Uller, Wyl, Yronwood

Regional Benefits
All characters from Dorne gain the following benefits:

Favoured Skills: Survival
15% base for Ride
10% base for Animal Lore

Geography of Westeros


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