Deepwood Motte

Deepwood Motte is a motte-and-bailey castle near the shores of the Bay of Ice, north-west of Winterfell on the far side of the Wolfswood. It is set on a hill for defensive purposes. It is the seat of House Glover.

Deepwood Motte is about five leagues east from the shores of the sea. Deepwood’s mossy walls enclose a wide, rounded hill with a flattened top, crowned by a cavernous longhall with a watchtower at one end, rising fifty feet above the hill. Beneath the hill is the bailey, with its stables, paddock, smithy, well, and sheepfold, defended by a deep ditch, a sloping earthen dike, and a palisade of logs. The outer defenses make an oval, following the contours of the land. There are two gates, each protected by a pair of square wooden towers, and wallwalks around the perimeter. On the south side of the castle, moss grows thick upon the palisade and creeps half way up the towers. To the east and west are empty fields where oats and barley are typically grown, but a series of hard frosts have killed the latest crops leaving only mud and ash and wilted, rotting stalks.

Deepwood Motte was captured by the Ironborn during the War of the Five Kings and remains under the control of Asha Greyjoy. King Stannis Baratheon plans to recapture Deepwood Motte as part of his plan to win the support of the northmen to his cause.


Deepwood Motte

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