Background generation

First step is to determine your status in the world of Westeros.
roll a d100

01-10 Noble

11-00 Smallfolk-Commoners

If you roll a noble you will need to determine if you are from a great house or a minor house
roll a d100

01-10 Great Houses

11-00 Minor Houses

If you are in a Great House, roll a d10 and use the following to determine your house:

1 House Arryn
2 House Baratheon
3 House Greyjoy
4 House Lannister
5 House Martell
6 House Stark
7 House Targaryen
8 House Tully
9 House Tyrell
10 re-roll

If you are in a minor house, roll a d6 to determine a table and choose a house

1 2 3 4 5 6
House Blacktyde House Blount House Borrell House Botley House Brune House Chelsted
House Clegane House Dayne House Farmen House Farring House Farwynd House Florent
House Frey House Goodbrother House Harlaw House Kettleblack House Mallister House Merlyn
House Mormont House Redwyne House Reed House Rosby House Royce House Santagar
House Stonetree House Tallhart House Tarly House Umber House Volmark House Westerling

Background generation

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